LED box

LED lighting

We perform lighting mounted in the floor. It has a lot of applications, and the LED technology allows mounting white or coloured lighting.

Cash boxes

High-quality cash boxes

Within our services we offer performance of ready cash boxes. They are made of high quality materials, protected against external interference. Dimensions tailored to the needs of each client.

Floor box

Electrical connections hidden in the floor

We produce floor boxes for electrical connections in any outer finish. Used in offices provide security and allow organizing the current connections. Adapted to the safety recommendations.

Signboards and plaques

Cut or engraved information plates

Using our tools we perform various types of information plates. These are mainly plates made of brushed or polished stainless steel. Inscription can be cut, as well as the engraved in steel surface.


Lockers of any size and purpose

For individual order we make lockers for various purposes. We adjust dimensions and colours to the needs of each client.

Comprehensive service

Organization of bending, welding and powder coating working places allowed us to create a production cycle that fully supports the customer orders.