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About us

High quality, precision, comprehensive offer are the features which we follow since 1992 when Pragma company was started.
Since that time, we have been developing by introducing new technologies, expanding the range of services and trying to constantly improve the services performed by us. In 2013 as the highlight of our efforts we have added to the name of the word Plus. This is a declaration that despite the gained reputation we will not remain at the level achieved so far. Plus is a promise that in our offer will still appear new ideas for our existing and new customers, better quality, service will be even more complete.

We focused on offering services of processing materials and performance of components or finished products.

– cutting of various materials with water stream (waterjet technology)
– cutting of metals with a laser
– precise bending of metals with numerical benders
– precise welding
– chamfering
– grinding and smoothing of connected elements
– powder painting
– assembling executed elements in the finished product
– cutting of materials with a saw

Presented services are our specialization, we still try to increase range of our offer.
Our customers receive comprehensive support. The whole production cycle is from our side supervised by qualified staff. Our designers / programmers develop the received directions into a digital project and transfer it to production. The operators of equipment and machinery, thanks to the vast experience realize received patterns in successive stages to the final state.

The whole process we conduct in an organized and satisfactory to the Customer way.

The technologies employed by us allow performing ordered products with the utmost precision in batches of any size. They also allow creating unique and individual designs. Ambition of introducing modern technologies with the pace of their appearance on the market makes it possible to realize any order. The used software optimizes the implementation in terms of the technology and economy. Minimization of material losses and careful preparation marginalizing the number of errors are additional positives of technological process.

Good logistics organization allows us to fulfil orders not only on the local market but also throughout the European Union. Our representatives will assure good communication and handling of orders and deliveries.
TUV sign gained in the certification process is an objective confirmation of our high qualification.

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